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EDUCATION (Departments & programs)

Central Ukrainian National Technical University trains Bachelors and Masters for the following specialties and specializations:

029 Informational, Library and Archival Activity

■ Documentation and information activity

051 Economics

■ Economics of Enterprise

■ Economic Cybernetics

■ Personnel Management and Labour Economics

056 International Economic Relations

■ International Economic Relations

071 Accounting and Taxation

■ Accounting, control and taxation in management

■ Accounting and control in the public sector of economy

■ Tax administration and tax management

■ Audit, state financial control and expertise

072 Finances, Banking and Insurance

073 Management

■ Organizational Management and Administration

■ Management of Foreign Economic Activity

■ Management of Financial and Economic Security

■ Tourism Management

074 Public Management and Administration

■ Administrative Management

075 Marketing

076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange Activities

■ Organization of Commercial Activities in the Sphere of Services and Trade

■ Economics and Organization of Business

101 Ecology

122 Computer Sciences and Information Technology

123 Computer Engineering

■ Computer Systems and Networks

■ Computer Engineering

125 Cyber Security

131 Applied Mechanics

■ Computerized and Robotized Engineering Technologies

■ Equipment and Technologies of Foundry Production

■ Equipment and Technologies of Plastic Forming of Engineering Constructions

■ Constructing and Design of Machines and Mechanisms

■ Mechatronics, Equipment and 3D Printing Processes

■ Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Pneumatics

132 Material Science

■ Restoration of Machines and Equipment

133 Industrial Engineering

■ Machines and Equipment for Agricultural Production

■ Engineering Management of the Production and Marketing of Agricultural Machines

■ Industrial Engineering Technologies

■ Equipment for Processing and Food Industries

■ Lifting, Transport, Road, Construction, Reclamation Machines and Equipment

■ Metal-cutting Machines and Systems

141 Electricity, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics

■ Electro-technical Systems of Power Consumption

■ Energy Management

■ Power Engineering and Automation of Agrarian Complex

151 Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies

■ Computer Control and Automation Systems

■ Computer-integrated and Robotic Systems

172 Telecommunications and radio engineering

192 Construction and Civil Engineering

201 Agronomy

208 Agro-engineering

■ Technical service

■ Agro-engineering

274 Automobile Transport

275 Transport technologies

Bachelor’s Degree in higher education of the corresponding specialty is granted to a student after obtaining theoretical knowledge, practical skills and expertise sufficient for successful fulfilment of professional duties in the chosen specialty.

Master’s Degree in higher education is awarded to Bachelors and Specialists after 1.5-2 years of in-depth theoretical, scientific and practical training sufficient for the effective performance of innovative tasks of the corresponding level of professional activity.

In addition, «Bachelor» programme can be taken on the basis of the educational qualification level «junior specialist» with the term of training 2-3 years.

Training is provided by full-time and distance learning. The training and retraining of the staff are carried out at different enterprises.

The university trains citizens of Ukraine and from foreigners.

Students have the opportunity to undergo military training and receive an officer’s military rank.

CUNTU has post-graduate courses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the following specialties: 032 «History and Archaeology»; 051 «Economics»; 071 «Accounting and Taxation»; 073 «Management»; 131 «Applied Mechanics»; 132 «Materials Science»; 133 «Industrial Engineering»; 151 «Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies».

Doctoral studies of the University provide training in the following specialties: 057 «Economics»; 133 «Industrial Engineering»; 151 «Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies».


The main goal of the University activities is the qualitative training of specialists for Ukraine and other countries in accordance with national, European and international professional standards and requirements of the Bologna Process.

The ways of realization of the task:

■ modernization of university education in accordance with the requirements of time and integration into the European educational system;

■ improvement of the degree education, realization of the European system of academic degrees «Bachelor – Master» taking into account the needs of the labour market and requirements of the Bologna Process;

■ establishment of new promising specialties and specializations;

■ improvement of the process of adaptation of various components of training programmes tailored to the needs of the labour market and employers’ requests;

■ introduction of innovative approaches, forms, methods and means of teaching at the university.

The curricular develops students’ creative, analytical and practical skills in solving tasks of the future profession in order to be competitive in the labour market. New technologies of training, including those based on computer equipment are widely implemented at CUNTU. Today, more than 900 PCs are used in all divisions of the University including a wide range of audio, video and office equipment. Students of all specialties are involved in the University strategy of continuous computer training from the first to the final year of studying. There are 36 computer classes and specialized computer labs. General technical and specialized courses in engineering specialties are taught using CAD elements based on the software modules COMPASS 3D, Solid Works, T-FLEX, P-CAD, etc.

Almost all PCs in the university and hostels are linked through the local fibre-optic network with a productivity of 1 Gbit/s. The network is connected to symmetric telecommunication channel of 200 Mbit/s, so the unlimited Internet access is available on the territory of the university and the campus.

The University has well-developed relations with the industrial enterprises of Ukraine, agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, power supply, financial and banking institutions and private firms for which specialists are trained.

The strategic imperatives of the university in education are high academic reputation, the formation of a fully developed personality who thinks analytically and patriotically, and is ready to solve complex professional problems, social relations and life.

In addition to educational and professional activities, the University performs functions of a scientific and methodical centre for agricultural engineering, electroenergy, ecology, automation, and economics. Being the only higher educational institution in the region, the university provides human resources for industry and agriculture. The university carries out and coordinates scientific research within the region, prompt retraining of specialists in the necessary training programme.

Over the years of existence, more than 50 thousand specialists have been trained, among them scientists, directors of enterprises and institutions who are known in Ukraine and abroad.

The main goal of our team is to give higher education to everyone who has entered the university. For these purposes we have an effective educational system which has been developed at the university for decades and requires student’s ability to work creatively. We have successful students who are prone to engineering, economic and management activities.

Of course, we invite not only geniuses to study. We are glad to train those who have the ability to be considered average at school. Many outstanding specialists came from those who did not study brilliantly at school. After all, the ability to quickly grab school material and ability to creative activity are different talents which are not always combined in one person.

Among the criteria that determine the quality of training a specialist one of the first is the willpower and the ability to organize work.

If you have these qualities, if you believe in yourself and in your talents – you are welcome to study.

The organization of training is carried out at 6 faculties and two training centres. The theoretical and practical training of specialists is provided by 24 departments which employ 420 teachers. Among them, one correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, more than 40 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and more than 230 PhDs, Associate Professors, 18 employees have honorary titles «Honoured».

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