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Faculty of Design and Exploitation of Machines was established in 1996. The faculty trains specialists in the spheres of Automobile Transport, Construction and Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering (specialization in Lifting and Transport, Construction, Road, Reclamation Machines and Equipment), Agro-engineering (specialization in Technical Service) Materials Science (specialization Restoration of Machines and Equipment), Transport technologies.

The faculty includes the following departments:

– Exploitation and repairing machines;

– Construction, road machines and construction;

– Higher mathematics and physics;

– Machine parts and applied mechanics.

The departments of the faculty have a modern material and technical base and a highly-qualified teaching staff who guarantee quality preparation of Bachelors and Masters, mastering of the profession, implementation of research work on the creation of a fundamentally new generation of machines, structures and designs, increasing their technical level with the use of personal computers and automatic design systems.

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