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The Faculty of Agricultural Machine Building was established in 1967. Currently, it is one of the leading faculties in Ukraine training specialists in the sphere of agricultural engineering, agro-industrial complex, ecology and environmental protection. The faculty trains specialists in «Industrial Engineering» (specialization «Machinery and Equipment for Agricultural Production», «Engineering Management of Production and Marketing of Agricultural Machines» «Equipment for Processing and Food Enterprises», «Agro-engineering», «Agronomy», «Ecology».

The faculty consists of the following departments:

• Agricultural machine building;

• General agriculture;

• Ecology and environment protection;

• Foreign languages.

The faculty has an up-to-date material and technical base and highly qualified teaching staff for quality preparation of Bachelors and Masters, performing creative and research work on modern environmental technologies of growing crops and developing and providing technical support for their application with preservation of the environment. All specialties of the faculty are accredited by IV level and carry out training of specialists full-time and through distance learning.

The faculty has Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree Programmes.

Students of the faculty have the opportunity to have foreign internships at various enterprises in France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Canada, Denmark and other countries. The faculty accounts for about 70% of foreign internships at the university. After obtaining Bachelor’s degree, it is possible to continue studies at the leading universities of the European Union. Internships abroad open up new opportunities for students to effectively study foreign languages, study modern technologies of production and operation of machines, cultivating agricultural plants, processing and storing crop and livestock products, and independently assess the prospects of the European integration course of the country.

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