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Faculty of Automation and Energy was established in 1983. The faculty trains specialists in the fields of Electric Power, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics (specialization «Electrical Engineering Systems of Power Consumption», «Energy Management» and «Power Engineering and Automation of Agrarian Complex»), «Automation and Computer-integrated technologies», «Computer Engineering» (specialization «Computer Systems and Networks») and Telecommunications and radio engineering.

The faculty consists of the following departments:

– Automation of Production Processes;

– Electrical Engineering Systems and Energy Management;

– Programming and Information Security;

– Physical Training.

More than 400 students study at the faculty. All specialties are accredited with the highest, fourth accreditation level. Specialists are trained according to a multi-level study system: Bachelor, Master, Post-graduate student, presentation of PhD theses at the Specialized Dissertation Supervisory Board of the university. A Collection of Scientific Works of teachers, postgraduates, researchers and students is issued. During the last years, the content of curricular and programmes have been changed substantially and the use of computer technology has been expanded.

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