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The faculty was established in 2005. The preparation of future professionals in the field of economic and managerial activities is carried out in the following specialties: «Information, Library and Archival Activity», «Economics» (specialization «Enterprise Economics», «Personnel Management and Labour Economics»), «International Economic Relations», «Management» (specialization «Management of Organizations and Administration», «Management of Foreign Economic Activity», «Management of Financial and Economic Security»), «Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock-exchange Activity» (specialization «Organization of Commercial Activity in the Service Sector and Trade», «Economics and Organization of Business»; «Public Management and Administration» (specialization «Administrative Management».

All specialties are accredited for IV level. There is a re-training programme for the second specialty in fulltime and correspondence forms of studying. There are about 900 students at the faculty.

The training of specialists is provided by the following departments:

– Economics, Management and Business;

– Economy and Entrepreneurship;

– International Economic Relations;

– Social Sciences, Information and Archival Activity.

Due to the introduction of modern forms and methods of organization of educational process, the systematic running of specialized courses, seminars and trainings the University provides a high level of teaching, effective mastery of professional knowledge. Considerable attention is paid to the development of foreign languages and courses of specialization. Faculty departments closely collaborate with companies and universities in Poland, the United Kingdom, the USA, France, Germany, Canada and Denmark which provide internships and practice for students abroad. Courses of in-depth study of foreign languages (English, German, French, Polish) with the participation of foreign specialists from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and France are organized.

The Department of Economics, Management and Business started teaching economic courses in English. The English-speaking discussion club «Challenge» which creates the English language environment for the study of Business English forms a foreign language communicative competence of students and teachers, and helps to overcome the communication barrier.

Foreign internships and high quality of training significantly increase the chances of graduates of the faculty to find a good position both in Ukraine and abroad, and facilitate rapid career growth and professional development.

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