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An important place in the structure of the university belongs to the Centre of part-time education and distance learning. Today, about 1,000 students of all specialties accredited at the university and obtain higher education without interruption from their work. The teaching process and training are provided by high-qualified instructors with many years of experience.

The leading direction of the activity of the centre in modern conditions is the development of the system of distance learning as the main component of the independent work of students of all forms of education. Recent years, much work has been done to create educational and methodological complexes for all courses taught at the university for the organization of distance education. The basis of distance education is the licensed software MOODLE which meets the requirements of modern multimedia distance learning courses. The pages of the distance education site are combined with the repository of the university library which allows students using the electronic training resources for the qualitative mastering of subjects of specialties. Each university student receives access to distance education service with a personal password through the Internet.

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