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The scientific schools of the University carry out research in the field of agro-industrial complex, mechanical engineering, energy and energy conservation, automobile transport, automation of production, machine tools, information security, economics, ecology and agronomy, etc.

In order to support the activities of scientific schools, 25 scientific departments were formed and effectively work including 15 research laboratories and 5 educational and scientific laboratories. The Centre for Energy Saving, Energy Management and Consulting operates at the university; specialized group of energy research and energy saving, certified laboratory of environmental monitoring for measuring in the field of dissemination of state metrological supervision was created.

They are designed to ensure the implementation of fundamental and applied research in accordance with the state budget programmes and the thematic plan of the university research, orders of local enterprises and organizations, state authorities and local self-government under economic agreements and agreements on creative cooperation. The volumes of scientific research which are executed on order under economic contracts and at the expense of state financing are constantly increasing.

The scientific activity of the university is more focused on the solution of thematic regional problems, in this regard CUNTU takes an active part in the development of regional programmes, organization and conducting of regional and city scientific and technical activities.

Every year scientists and teachers publish 15-20 monographs and study guides, about 630 other scientific works, receive 50-55 patents for inventions and useful models. Central Ukrainian National Technical University is constantly among the top five universities of Ukraine in the field of inventive activity. The university was awarded with the Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization and continually became the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest “Invention of the Year”. The University hosts international, national and regional scientific events, in particular the traditional International Scientific and Practical Conference «Problems of Designing the Production and Operation of Agricultural Machines» is most popular. 3 professional Collections of Scientific Works are published which are popular among scientists of Ukraine and foreign countries.

About 1.4 thousand students are involved in research work. They annually publish up to 700 scientific articles and are engaged in inventive activities, prepare speeches and reports on the results of their research at scientific and practical conferences and seminars of various levels, win prizes at All-Ukrainian Scientific Olympiads and contests of students’ scientific works. In order to organize presentations of theses at viva voce for the PhD and Doctoral degrees the university opened:

– Specialized Dissertation Supervisory Board D23.073.01 with the right to accept and conduct presentation of theses at a viva voce for obtaining the scientific degree of a Doctor (Candidate) of Technical Sciences in specialty 05.05.11 «Machines and means of mechanization of agricultural production»;

– Specialized Dissertation Supervisory Board K23.07.03.02 with the right to accept and conduct presentations of theses at a viva voce for obtaining scientific degree of a Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialties 05.03.01 «Processes of Mechanical Processing, Machine Tools and Instruments», 05.03.07 «Processes of Physical and Technical Processing» and 05.13.07 «Automation of Control Processes»;

– Specialized Dissertation Supervisory Board K23.07.03.03 with the right to accept and conduct presentation of theses at a viva voce for obtaining scientific degree of a Candidate of Economic Sciences in specialties: 08.00.03 «Economics and Management of the National Economy» and 08.00.07 «Demography, Labour Economics, Social Economy and Policy».

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