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Central Ukrainian National Technical University maintains relations with 46 foreign partners from seventeen countries of the world. During the time of the operation of the Department of International Affairs of CUNTU, more than 120 foreign organizations and almost 50 universities from different countries of the world were involved in the international cooperation.

The Central Ukrainian National Technical University offers students many interesting options for studying or going though internship programmes abroad. The university implements programmes of «double diplomas» in which the universities of Germany, Poland, Georgia and India are involved.

The university has courses for linguistic training for students and teachers of the educational institution. Students have the opportunity to master English, German, French or Polish languages. The English-speaking discussion club «Challenge» operates in SUNTU; it is common practice to conduct lectures for students in English, in particular with the participation of lecturers from abroad.

The University actively participates in exchange programmes for students, teachers and scholars in Europe – Erasmus+ and the exchange of students between universities in the European continent. University students are offered internships abroad in the framework of popular international youth training, practical programmes and internship programmes abroad.

Teachers of the university have the opportunity to improve their foreign language proficiency: take an active part in international conferences, seminars, round tables in such countries as: Germany, France, Moldova, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc., as well as foreign internships and use the acquired knowledge to teach subjects in a foreign language.

There are annual international scientific and technical conferences, international forums, presentations, exhibitions, symposiums at the university with dozens of foreign specialists.

The university takes an active part in the international scientific projects on the basis of agreements with other universities in Europe and China. As a result of the Tempus JEP-27264-2006 (UA) project, the Concept for Sustainable Development in the Formation of Specialists for Agriculture created a Resource Centre on Sustainable Development of Rural Areas of Ukraine.

On the basis of the Central Ukrainian National Technical University, for the first time in our region, a regional contact point for the EU Framework programme for research and innovation «Horizon 2020» was created in the thematic area «Small and Medium Enterprises» (SMEs).

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