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CUNTU created an effective system of educational work. The main focus is the upbringing of national consciousness, spirituality, aesthetics, professional, legal, socio-psychological, physical and environmental culture.

University students have good living conditions. In the campus there are 4 hostels with 1686 beds that fully meet the needs of non-resident and foreign students as well as student families. Each hostel has a lounge, sports and cooking facilities. In the pine forest on the bank of the Dnieper near Svitlovodsk there is a sports and recreation camp for 120 people where students and university staff have recreation facilities.

There is the university museum which runs the first educational class with applicants and first-year students, works. An important role in the life of the university is played by the multi-media newspaper «Student’s Bulletin».

The university has Students’ Youth Club whose team conducts various cultural and mass events. The intellectual games such as «Brain-ring» and «What? Where? When?». The university teams are the winners and hold prize-winning places at competitions of various levels.

Students’ Youth Club organizes various societies such as dance, vocal, pop music, readings and more. Each student can demonstrate different genres amateur creativity, to learn to play musical instruments, sing and dance.

Much attention is paid to the development of physical culture and sports. Students improve their skills in sports sections of various sports.

First baseball team of Kropyvnytskyi city «BioTexCom-KNTU» which consists of students, teachers and graduates of the Central Ukrainian National Technical University is the 22-time champion of Ukraine, 20-time winner of the Ukrainian Baseball Cup, a regular participant of the European baseball club tournament «Champions Cup», «European Baseball Confederation Cup», etc.

CUNTU students are members of republican teams of cycling, wrestling, power-lifting, weight sport, taekwondo, shooting, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling and pankration, and successfully compete at different levels of competitions.

The university has a gymnasium for playing sports, ping-pong, as well as summer playgrounds for football, basketball and volleyball.

Student self-government functions at all levels: academic groups, faculties, university, hostels and directs its activities to ensure student fulfillment of their duties, protection of their rights, social, economic, creative and other common interests, contributes to the harmonious development of the individual and is carried out on the basis of voluntary participation of students in the organization of their life.

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